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Small dimension, Great wisdom

Small dimension, Great wisdom


——The future trend of STS prepaid suspension meter!

It can be seen from the installation drawings of many electric energy meters in Africa that a large number of suspended meters are hung on telephone poles, which is not beautiful, but also very inconvenient to install. The relatively high price is also a headache.


Can YTL metering develop an electric meter that has the same functions as a suspension meter, but is small in size and easier to install? 


small in size and easier to install

Focusing on this problem, YTL metering innovatively developed a single phase din rail STS prepaid meter through research, which has the same function as the suspension meter, but is small in size, easier to install, and lower in cost.

The development of this electric meter is the embodiment of YTL metering 's value philosophy "creating value for customers".



At the same time, it can be used with indoor display for recharge consumption, which is consistent with the suspension electric meter.


Lower in cost

Changing the suspension electric meter into a din rail electric meter is not only more beautiful, but the most important thing is to reduce the cost.

The cost is not only the factory cost, but also the logistics cost.

Now that ocean freight is soaring, the more products that can be loaded in a container, the lower the cost of a single product!

Imagine that if the container freight is 8000usd, 2500pcs single phase suspended meters can be loaded, and the single phase din rail meters after the transformation can be loaded 5000pcs, then the logistics cost will be directly reduced by 50%!



Future trend

Once the successfully transformed single phase STS prepaid din rail electric meter was launched, it received praise from many customers!

It provides customers with a new market breakthrough, and at the same time, YTL metering thinks whether it is possible to make the above changes to the three phase meter?



And this idea will be a brand new opportunity for YTL Metering and our customers, and it will have the opportunity to lead the market through cooperation.


Do you wanna to have a try ?