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The future applications of single-phase household electricity meters!


I can imagine in the last couple of years, you have been seeking great single phase electric products in China but you have received so many LinkedIn requests and every one of them claimed that their products are the best, however there is no easy way to verify which one is true.

In the past 20 years, YTL metering has been known for its high customer satisfaction, strong research and development capabilities, and quality assurance.




Brings huge business opportunities to MID meters


With the popularization of smart grids in the European market, traditional induction meters are eliminated and replaced by single phase MID rail meters, which can realize electric energy measurement, anti-theft, real-time monitoring, information interaction, and automatic control, realize the applicability of different environments and different actual installation conditions, and realize the consistency of appearance, structure and installation dimensions.




Energy storage is applied to the field of power transmission and distribution as a key technical support for smart grids.

In particular, the German market has adopted a series of measures to encourage the installation of energy storage equipment in order to realize the spontaneous self-use of distributed photovoltaic power generation, but there are still a large number of distributed photovoltaic power grids connected to the grid.

This brings huge business opportunities to low power MID meters with bi-directional metering.


Application scenarios


In the application scenarios of charging piles, small and accurate metering equipment is necessary;

in the application scenarios of battery energy storage systems, low-power meters are the best choice;

in the application scenarios of photovoltaic power generation, bi-directional metering is a necessary function.


YTL metering is a mature supplier of single phase and three phase electric energy meters.

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