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why do power meter need anti-theft function

why do power meter need anti-theft function

With the increasing demand of users for electric energy, some users take various methods of stealing electricity in order to obtain electric energy free of charge. Not only does it causes a large amount of loss of electrical energy and a great economic loss to the power supply organization, but also disrupts the normal power supply order and poses a safety hazard to the power users.


There are many ways to steal electricity, mainly from the principle of electricity measurement. The metering number of the power metering device (electric energy meter) mainly depends on the three parameters of voltage, current, and power factor. Any one of the technical parameters can be changed through technical means to slow down, stop or even reverse, thereby achieving the goal of electricity theft.


First of all, let's look at several sets of connection diagrams for stealing electricity by changing technical parameters:


  1. Reverse connection

  1. Partial load short circuit

  1. Part load ground

  1. Zero line break, some loads are grounded

  1. Half wave


  1. Input and output exchange

  1. Partial load short circuit


Power supply institutions can effectively prevent electricity users from stealing electricity by taking relevant measures to prevent electricity theft. YTL has more than 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience accumulated in the electric energy meter industry and has a profound knowledge in the research of preventing electricity theft. In addition to preventing the above-mentioned power stealing situation, it can also prevent power stealing of series voltage regulators, reverse current stealing power and stealing power from the neutral end of other meters. Nowadays, smart meters also have anti-theft functions, such as opening detection, programming detection, clearing detection, magnetic field detection, and anti-strong magnetism.

YTL's electric energy meter products are mainly exported to foreign countries, and countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America have even more urgent requirements for preventing electricity theft from electric meters. YTL will explore and improve the design and development of anti-theft electric meters according to the different needs of various countries for anti-theft electric power.




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