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7-Which products of YTL has already gotten MID certification?

Towards different meter type of European market, our Single-phase single-module din-rail meter, Single-phase four-module din-rial meter, and Three-phase seven-module din-rial meter have MID certification.

8-Can the client print their logo on the nameplate? Whether need to charge for printing document?

Yes. Please provide us the Use Authorization of Trademark with sign and seal. We need to charge plate fee of the first plate.

9-What is YTL's requirements of products sole agency?

For regional/global products agency, please provide:

- your influence and overall strength in the regional/global market.

- your plan of main project.

- your 3 years' sales plan of certain product

- market analysis report and technic information of certain product

- sign the "Product's agency agreement".

For national products agency, please provide:

- 2 years sales plan.

- your influence and overall strength in local market.

- sign the "Product's agency agreement".