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AMI is a complete network processing system for measuring, collecting, storing, analyzing and applying users’ electricity consumption information, which consists of smart meters installed at the end users, measurement data management systems located in power companies and communication systems that connect them. It has many functions, such as energy measurement, load management, remote meter reading, energy quality monitoring, demand response and other functions.

The scheme consists of device layer (energy meter,, intelligent communication terminal), communication layer, collection layer (HES), application layer (MDM) and interface layer (CIM, Aapter);

1. The communication layer supports a variety of communication methods (LAN communication: RS485, Wi-Fine, PLC, LoRa; WAN communication: GPRS, NB-IoT, Ethernet, WiFi), which can adapt to different applications.

2. The acquisition layer supports multiple protocols DLMS COSEM, IDIS, Q/GDW 376.1 through the plug-in protocol library, and is seamlessly compatible with multiple databases (Oracle, MySQL), which supports cluster deployment.

3. The application layer uses workflow, self-defined reports, GIS integration technology and data mining technology.

4. The interface layer complies with the IEC61968 standards and CIM format.And according to the requirements of various manufacturers, it flexibly supports self-defined interface formats through adaptive technology.




Meter reading management: device file, data query, device operation, real-time curve, meter code entry, meter reading analysis, operating conditions, summary report.

Residential electricity consumption: user files, user data, electricity consumption analysis, load analysis, statistical reports, electricity consumption control.

Power sales management: user management, power sales operation, power consumption analysis, power sales analysis, financial reconciliation, electricity price management, statistical reports.

Enterprise power consumption: analysis model, power supply quality, load analysis, power supply reliability, power tampering analysis, power consumption analysis, statistical reports.

Power distribution management: analysis model, main transformer analysis, network loss analysis, busbar unbalance, quarter line loss.

Basic functions: my home page, map monitoring, operation and maintenance management, external interface, system management.




The AMI framework system mainly consists of 5 parts, AMI metering data master station system (MDMS), data concentrator, communication channel, smart meter, and user indoor network (HAN).





1. Accurate and timely automatic meter reading, eliminate a large number of manual meter reading, reduce meter reading and operating costs; easily control the details of global electricity consumption.

2. The integration and complementation of various communication technologies improves the success rate of data collection;

3. Smart meters and anti-tampering technology in the system level can effectively guarantee the revenue of power operating companies;

4. Provide in-depth data analysis from all-round and multi-angles, such as electricity, load, events, and so on. Provide data support for power grid planning and demand side management;

5. Self-diagnosis, event alarm, load control and other functions, and provide online status query of equipment. Users can understand the operation status without leaving home, saving a lot of maintenance costs.