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Intelligent And Safe Electricity Management System Solution

U power monitoring and management system —— a set of cost-effective intelligent power monitoring and management system, with the whole set function of information collection, data analysis, real-time monitoring, security alarm. System provides real-time, accurate and complete power data for power management, to ensure the safety of users.

Information collection: intelligent collection, remote reading, and centralized reflection of electricity situation in each region.(Voltage, current, power, power factor, kWh, residual current, wire temperature)

Data analysis: Through the detailed power data analysis, to improve the quality, time and efficiency of electricity consumption through the judgment method and comparison method, so as to reduce the power consumption.

Real-time monitoring: data reading frequency of 15 minutes / time, real-time transmission to the computer.

Safety alarm: The system can monitor the power consumption in real time according to the time period and regional location, and can view the current power data on the software.When the over current occurs, the wire temperature is too high, and the residual current is too large, the real-time alarm notifies the person in charge in time, and the abnormal point can be accurately and quickly positioned.

Scope of application: residential buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, office buildings, shopping malls, schools and other large-scale electricity consumption scenarios. Through the system of daily electricity management, labor costs are greatly reduced, and can be monitored all day long, improve the management efficiency. Just one computer or mobile phone is needed to check the electricity usage.