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Intelligent Street Light Control System



Street light is an essential public facility in people's daily life, the traditional LED light is not able to meet the demand for large-scale power saving; Meanwhile, manual control and inspection of the street light are also a job that requires a lot of manpower and material resources. More efficient management tools and energy-saving solutions have become the focus of management.

Smart street light management system, the unified management of street lights, to achieve the remote monitoring, smart control and energy saving. YTL provides complete solution for intelligent brightness adjustment and power saving.




Control functions ---- Remote switching, dimming (0-10V/PWM), strategic control (point control, line control, group control)

Query function ---- voltage, current, power, power factor, power, switch status, light on time

Alarm function ---- Real-time online patrol, lamp failure alarm, communication failure alarm

Report function ---- Energy consumption, energy saving rate and lighting rate analysis charts and reports

Storage function ---- System operation history

Operation and maintenance functions ---- Daily parameter setting, GIS information display and real-time status

Communication methods ---- GPRS (4G), PLC (OFDM), LoRa, NB-IoT, HPLC (broadband carrier)

Mobile APP ---- Can control through mobile APP




The diagram below shows the basic architecture of YTL's smart street light/tunnel light control system, which has three major parts: cloud server master, data collector, and single light controller




The cloud server master is the customer's management system, which consists of modules such as front-end machine, web service, application service, computing service, and system interface. It adopts B/S architecture and the running environment is Windows operating system, and also supports .NET environment.





5.1 Energy-saving: on-demand automatic control, strategic management, through the dimming and lighting of the second energy-saving effect; reduce light pollution, carbon emissions while saving electricity costs.

5.2 Extend the life of the lights: reduce light density in midnight; reduce the working time to extend the life of the lights.

5.3 Reduce labor costs: the system has automatic alarm, query, positioning, light rate analysis and other functions, maintenance personnel do not have to inspect, only need to be on duty at the computer, it will save a lot of labor cost.

5.4 Quick fault response: the system conducts efficient and quick inspection of every street light, so the dispatcher can know the fault location and status in time after the fault occurs, which provides a strong guarantee for quick and timely repair.