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  • DDS353L-2

    DDS353L-2 Digital LCD Display Single Phase Energy Meter Watt Meter DIN Rail Mounting KWh

  • DTS353F-2

    DTS353F-2 Three Phase Electric Energy Meter Din Rail Pulse Meter MID Certified

  • DTS353F-1

    DTS353F-1 Electric Meter, Energy Meter Three Phase Four Wire Digital LCD

  • DTS353F-3

    DTS353F-3 Modbus Three Phase Electric Energy Meter Modbus RS485 RTU Touch MID Calibrated

  • Ideal Prepaid STS Single Phase Meter PLC

  • Intelligent Prepaid STS Single Phase Meter Wifine

  • wifine STS prepayment Smart Meter with IHD

  • 240V STS prepayment Smart Meter with PLC IHD

  • 2nd generation STS prepayment Smart Meter with IHD

  • Inverter 50kW 500kW Solar Off-Grid High Power Inverter

  • 30000W Bidirectional Energy Storage Inverters AC 380V

  • 22.5〜32.85V Energy storage standard battery

Established in 2000, Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in the center of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou cities. As a professional China Applications manufacturers and Applications Factory, YTL designs and produces electronic energy meters which are cost-efficient and ideal for the use in solutions for AMR/AMI at residential as well as industrial applications.YTL was one of the first companies in the domestic market with which had an internal R&D department as well as international sales business. YTL is devoted to develop and design all types of wholesale Applications, concentrators and solution applications. At present our export volume makes us a leading company for technology and product export to more than 50 countries throughout the world.