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Three Phase kWh Meter Company

YTL metering (Yongtailong) as a professional meter manufacturer in China who has been in this industry for more than 20 years. Our strong ability enable us to well deal with the instability of the lead time which is caused by the shortage of the material shortage all over the world and realize a good increase in the sales .

  • D521022

    YTL wholesale three phase mounted installation counter Power meter

  • DEM4A10B - MID

    YTL DEM4A MAX 100A DIN rail ThreePhase 4 Module four tariff CE RoHS MID B+D Approved Electric Energy Meter

  • DEM4A00B - MID

    YTL DEM4A 1000imp/kvarh DIN rail 3P 4W Multi Tariff AMI Watt hour meter

  • DEM4A009 - MID

    YTL DEM4A wholesale three phase kWh meter MID B+D Certified Watt Meter

  • DTS353F-1

    YTL Manufacturer DTS353F 5(80)A DIN rail 3 Phase 4 Module Two Channel MID Certificated electricity meter

  • DEM4A00B

    YTL DEM4A 0.25-5(80)A DIN rail Three Phase Four Wires RS485 communication CE MID Certificate Watt hour Meter

  • D519050

    YTL Fcatory energy meter Three Phase for residential and commercial installations

  • D524053

    YTL prepaid meter 10(100)A Split Type 3P Four Wires Multi-tariff STS Certificated watt hour meter

  • D524053

    YTL prepaid meter 415V Split Type Three Phase 4 wire Two Tariff IDIS Approved Solar Power Watt hour meter

  • D524053

    YTL prepaid meter 50HZ Split Type 3P 4 wire smart prepaid electricity meter

  • D524053

    YTL prepaid meter MAX 100A Split Type Three Phase 4 Model Multi-tariffs STS Certificate Power Meter

  • D513053

    YTL CT type three phase two wire din rail electricity KWH meter

Established in 2000, Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in the center of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou cities. As a professional China Three Phase kWh Meter Company and Three Phase kWh Smart Meter Manufacturers, YTL designs and produces electronic energy meters which are cost-efficient and ideal for the use in solutions for AMR/AMI at residential as well as industrial applications.YTL was one of the first companies in the domestic market with which had an internal R&D department as well as international sales business. YTL is devoted to develop and design all types of wholesale Three Phase kWh Smart Meter, concentrators and solution applications. At present our export volume makes us a leading company for technology and product export to more than 50 countries throughout the world.