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It's an Multi-function DCU with various communications, it can be used with different system. It has functions of data exchange, remote control, event recording and alarm.
With Multi Communication(Ethernet, GPRS, Wifi).Automatic switching to another communication when one of them don’t work.
Local Update and Remote Update
Automatically checks and restores the meter data to ensure the integrity of the meter reading.
FTP upload
Provide a variety of remote communication modes, including 4G communication, LORA , WIFI , Ethernet, PLC, 485, suitable for various environments.
1. With 4G ,WIFI,Ethernet communication function, for remote reading, remote control, firmware remote upgrade.
2. With RS485,PLC,LoRA communication , it can be used to extend remote meter reading and remote control.
3. Collect the real-time data of meter, and store the monthly zero-point freezing data
4. Record the load curve for the last 10 days and the settlement data for 1 year
5. Realize the data between master station and slave station
6. With automatic calibration, self-diagnosis and abnormal information recording and alarm functions.
  • J51A021

    Managing All The Single Light Controllers Rich Software Features Concentrator

  • S31A001

    Energy Saving Intelligent Electricity Sensor

  • J119008

    Control Intelligent Street Light Real Time Concentrator With RS485 Communication

  • J119009

    Uploaded Data Measuring Device Regularly Concentrator With Ethernet Communication

  • D519039

    Electromechanical Equipment Energy Conservation Three-Phase Intelligent Power Sensor

  • D119040

    Battery Energy Storage System High Accuracy Watt hour meter

  • D119033

    Slow EV Charger Small Size Single Phase Fcatory Watt hour meter Biphasic Rf Meter

Established in 2000, Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in the center of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou cities. As a professional China electric meter data concentrator manufacturers and Electric Meter Data Concentrator Factory, YTL designs and produces electronic energy meters which are cost-efficient and ideal for the use in solutions for AMR/AMI at residential as well as industrial applications.YTL was one of the first companies in the domestic market with which had an internal R&D department as well as international sales business. YTL is devoted to develop and design all types of wholesale electric meter data concentrator, concentrators and solution applications. At present our export volume makes us a leading company for technology and product export to more than 50 countries throughout the world.