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The street lamp controller connect with the LED driver directly, it can receive and process the commands from DCU through Lora communication, and the current status, control result can feedback to the DCU which can realize the monitoring and control of the street lamps.
Each controller has a fixed physical address( UID )and a logical address which can be matched with geographical information system (GIS)
The main characteristic and advantage:
1. Two-way communication between lamps and controllers.
2. Can choose either GPRS(3G) or PLC or LORA communication.
3. Remotely or locally disconnect/connect load of each lamp.
4. Supports both 0-10V analog and PWM dimming control technique.
5. GPS tracker to track the geographical position.
6. High performance with low cost, it is the best option of street light control system.
  • D129053

    PLC Smart Light Direct Connected To The Led Driver Light Controller

  • D129054

    Smart Highway Light Smart Grid Double Lights Control Device

  • D129086

    NB-IoT Smart Street Light Convenience Single Light Controller

  • D129054

    Smart Street Light Reliable Single Light Control Device

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