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Distributed power generation works with our system

Distributed power generation works with our system!

 The power shortage in the entire African region restricts economic development, and various countries are striving to develop distributed power generation. There are many forms of distributed power generation, such as wind power, hydropower, and solar power. In Africa, solar power and diesel power are mainly used.


However, operator generally have difficulties in charging and management, creating friction with electricity users, and failing to established a good supply relationship,which affects charging and sustainable development. So how to solve this problem?





YTL Prepayment System!


How is it working out? Surprisingly well.


Q: What payment methods are supported?

A: Support off-line token payment and on-line mobile phone payment,

Meanwhile, there is a thoughtful 10°telecommunications balance,so that users will not suddenly lose power when using.


Q: We manage distributed power generation in several villages. Can we manage it in unified way?

A: It is possible to manage multiple user groups at the same time. After years of feedback from market, YTL’s prepayment system has gradually improved and become one of the few systems on the market that is stable, simple to operate, and well managed.


Q:What about anti tamper?

A: YTL ‘s electric energy meters are never a single anti tamper, but a meter with multi anti tamper technologies, so that the thief has no electricity to steal.



This APS system will help you have the funds and energy to expand your market.

Let our cooperation start with this prepayment system!