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YTL smart prepaid energy meter

YTL smart prepaid energy meter


YTL team is a high-tech company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. It has 25 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, professional software and hardware engineers and sales teams.


YTL has been deeply involved in the African market for more than 10 years. Based on the actual situation in Africa, has developed a smart prepaid meter for the African market.

The products sell well in various regions of Africa, especially Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria and other countries.


What can you think of about smart meters in Africa?

The first is STS membership.  YTL officially became a member of STS in 2010, and it has been more than 10 years.

As a veteran member, YTL is the innovative leader of smart meters in Africa. It has a full range of smart prepaid STS meters. Combined with AMI system, it can realize remote intelligent management of the platform, and adopts DLMS protocol and STS standard decoding method.


 What series products can YTL provide?

  1. installation method, from the din rail type to the suspension type.
  2. communication method,

uplink: G3 PLC, LORA Wi-fine, RS485

Downlink: G3 PLC, RF, Wi-fine, twisted pair.


In addition, the three-phase also supports GPRS 3G/4G communication methods, all of which can be directly used on the supporting platform.

  1. connection method, direct type and mutual inductance type

In addition, YTL's concentrator is a collection of all mainstream communication methods.

Uplink: GPRS, Ethernet, WIFI

Downlink: G3PLC, RS485, LORA, Wi-fine

What are the benefits of YTL's smart prepaid meter?

  1. Cost savings, customers will be able to monitor and control their consumption in real time, and use electricity more efficiently and economically.
  2. Improve service to facilitate customers to check electricity bills. Real-time shutdown detection will be able to respond to on-site faults faster.


No matter day or night, using the equipped indoor display, you only need to enter the TOKEN code at home to recharge.

  1. Reduce electricity theft, with anti-theft technology, reverse current detection, once detected, the relay will be disconnected immediately.
  2. Intelligent management, system and platform-based remote management, effectively saving labor and realizing AMI intelligent management
  3. Other benefits, better safety, reliable and stable power supply.


In many areas, there are problems such as difficulty in meter reading, expensive labor, large errors, and difficulty in connecting and using intelligent systems. In addition, these problems cause poor user experience, opaque consumption, difficulty in payment, and difficulty in management and control.

The smart prepaid STS meter developed by YTL, combined with the intelligent management of AMI, can perfectly solve the above problems, facilitate management and control, and optimize user experience.



If you are interested in the African market, please contact us to achieve a win-win situation through cooperation!


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