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What can YTL offer the Africa market?

Usually, the electricity market is divided into two parts: the rural market and the urban market. Depending on the characteristics of the different markets, the power metering systems are different.

Yongtailong has been deeply involved in the African region for more than 10 years. Different countries have their own characteristics, but they also have a lot in common.

1. Electricity in rural areas

Electricity infrastructure in rural areas is weak, and power generation is usually in the form of small-scale generation (mini grid) for transmission and distribution.

The required functionality is a prepaid keypad meter plus an offline version of the electricity sales software. The microgrid market in Africa is currently the most widely used, the easiest to operate, and the least expensive to operate.

Meanwhile, Yongtailong can provide complete microgrid power generation equipment, from power generation to energy storage to inverter to terminal electricity meter, one-stop service, and work with you to win together.

2. Electricity in urban areas

More cities in the African region have developed to a certain extent with a relatively complete power infrastructure. The demand for electrical equipment is more diverse, and there are certain industrial facilities.

The demand is more diversified, from the function and appearance of the meter to the application scenarios of the meter are more extensive.

The main functions are prepaid, multi-function, multi-rate, multiple anti-theft functions, etc.

The appearance is mainly wall mounted type, din rail type.

The main application scenarios are residential self-use, shopping malls, supermarkets and factories.

As the economy grows, application scenarios will become more diverse and product iterations will become more rapid.


Yongtailong can do.

1. There are dozens of products developed specifically for the African market and already have long term sales for you to choose from

2. Quickly understand the needs of the customer (power authority) and translate them into technical design language

3. Provide you with a professional product and technology partner to communicate professionally with the end-to-end technical team as you transition to a meter sales business

4. Meet the corresponding qualification requirements of the Electricity Bureau

Yongtailong STS meters have many communication methods, Wifine, GPRS, PLC, RS485 and so on, with different IHD (CIU), which can be flexibly applied in the current African market.


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