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Electricity meter production process - high temperature aging!

In modern society, the electricity measurement is basically electronic energy meter, and the old induction type energy meter (mechanical meter) has already withdrawn from the stage of history. With more and more demands and requirements from power users, electronic energy meters are becoming more and more functional, using more and more devices, more and more integrated, more and more compact PCB board layout, and more and more complex manufacturing process; smart meters will produce some latent defects in the whole manufacturing process.

Electronic products have a failure curve also known as the bath tub curve, this curve is divided into early failure phase, accidental failure phase (stable period), dissipative failure phase; electronic products in the production of the first 1000 hours easy to damage, because the electronic components in the rated power of normal operating temperature operation for about 1000 hours to be all exposed; 1000 ~ 100,000 hours between belonging to the stable period of damage The probability of damage is small; after 100,000 hours belongs to the dissipation failure period electronic devices are prone to damage when the life of the device is almost up. In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the energy meter in actual use after leaving the factory, we expose the defects of the components, welding and assembly and other hidden dangers in the production process in advance through high temperature aging of the whole meter.

   yongtailong has built several high temperature aging rooms, whether it is relatively complex smart meters, multi-functional meters, intelligent prepaid meters, IOT meters, or RS485 communication meters, ordinary metering meters all need to go through high temperature aging process. From the management point of view, high temperature aging is a special process, and we have strict requirements in control, equipment operation guide, job operation instruction, SOP operation process, and operators need to pass the training and examination to be licensed.


   During the production process, the operator will install the electric energy meter on the aging rack to ensure good connection, and push the aging room and then access the current source and voltage source to ensure that the meter entering the aging room is working normally. During the aging process, operators need to enter the aging room every hour to check the working status of each meter, and take out the defective products in time if they are found to be bad. Electricity meter production process high temperature aging is required for the temperature, we control it at 60+3℃. For the high temperature aging room we strictly follow the requirements of the metering equipment for control, and every year we need to conduct external calibration of its dynamic temperature.


Yongtailong has always implemented the product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, from the energy meter R & D design, device procurement, production and manufacturing of all aspects will be strict quality control, the concept of quality for survival to breed each product, in the competitive electricity meter industry thrive.