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Intelligent street light products

Intelligent street light products

Street lighting is an essential public facility in people's daily lives, traditional LED has not been able to meet the demand for large-scale power saving; and manual control, street light inspection is also a labor-intensive task. More efficient management tools and energy-saving solutions have become the focus of management.

Intelligent street lighting management system, the implementation of unified management of street lighting public lighting, lighting remote monitoring, intelligent control, energy saving and consumption reduction of the "trinity" of the effectiveness; for the reasonable arrangement of lighting brightness and power saving provides a systematic solution.

We, yongtailong, carried out the project of intelligent street light control system in 2011, which includes the design and development of hardware and software such as single light controller, concentrator and system platform. In addition to power measurement and control, the most important thing is communication, which is the soul of the whole system. In terms of communication, we keep up with the development process of communication, Zigbee single light controller, PLC (narrowband power line carrier) single light control, LoRa single light controller, NB-IoT single light controller, HPLC (broadband power line carrier) single light control, CT1 single light controller have been carried out product development and project implementation applications. In this communication update and the actual use of field projects, we accumulate and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of various types of communication in the intelligent street lighting industry; at present, we mainly promote PLC (narrowband power line carrier) single light control, HPLC (broadband power line carrier) single light control, CT1 single light controller.

CAT1 single light controller in the development and design in addition to the basic functions need to focus on the installation environment and project construction and operation of the situation.

1、SIM card we use the patch form and plug-in card form compatible way, for plug-in card form at the same time to meet the SIM card field replaceable requirements and protection level to IP67; convenient project operation of various needs.

2、Single light controller installed in the outdoor, long years of sun and rain, the shell material is used in the flame retardant anti-aging materials.

3、Power parameter measurement level 1.0.

4、Dimming using 0-10V/PWM two options.

5、CAT1 single light controller with external antenna, suitable for all kinds of applicable environment.

yongtailong's intelligent street light products have been tested in the market for more than 10 years, encountering various field problems and accumulating rich product experience and practical operation experience. During this period, we have experienced product optimization and iteration, and polished the main products that are stable and reliable for market demand.