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The peculiarities of African electric energy meters

Many countries now generally use prepaid STS meters. Especially in the African market, there is a huge gap in the power supply guarantee capacity. Governments of various countries have introduced various policies to encourage enterprises to invest in infrastructure, and conform to the market and policies, and more social capital is needed to enter the market for electricity meter supply.
However, only STS meters with special functions that truly meet the needs of the power bureau can meet and expand the STS meter prepaid model and the ever-growing market.
In the Africa, the trend of electric meters is to have prepaid functions, which can help power supply bureaus and e-commerce sellers to conduct safe electricity sales and prevent electricity theft. These are the special features of African electric meters.
In the more than ten years since YTL became a member of STS, the production of electric meters has become more mature and stable.
The issue of safe electricity sales is of utmost importance to utility suppliers and consumers. The use of STS standards prevents:
1. Credit transfer fraud caused by trying to enter the correct number;
2. Fraudulently generating tokens from stolen vending stations;
3. Fraudulently generating tokens from legal vending stations outside the public utility area;
4. Fraudulent reuse of used tokens;
5. Falsify legal tokens, such as changing the value.
YTL focused on the African market since 2017.
We helped many clients from South Africa,Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, to build their own assembly line and be one of the top supplier in local market.