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A new direction of power manage—prepayment

A new direction of power manage—prepayment

With the development of society and the upgrade of communication technology and smart appliances, the traditional power management model is unable to meet the needs of management. Due to the disadvantages of difficult meter reading, difficult charging, high capital occupancy, large manual investment, low efficiency, and hidden safety hazards, the pace of building a new smart grid has been accelerated.


Based on the IEC standard code encryption and decryption function, YTL prepaid electricity meter can realize the purchase of electricity without medium, and integrate the functions of remote meter reading, load control, recharge and reset. It can solve a series of charging management problems for landlords or administrators, through the application in shopping mall shops, commercial office buildings, rental apartments, rental houses, industrial parks, campus dormitories, and residential quarters.

Its power lies in its powerful functions:


  1. Prepayment

The sub-account opened by the management account can be recharged independently through the website or APP, and then used after payment, which directly eliminates the problem of difficulty in receiving money and the risk of not receiving money.


  1. Remote control

Support the communication of WIFI, LoRa, RS485, GPRS, NB-IoT, high transmission rate, Ensure full track of data. It can be used for meter parameter setting and firmware upgrade and remote reading, without manual reading of the meter or manual management of the power system of a house, it can realize self-management and reduce management costs. It breaks through the time and space limitations of traditional operations, and could control power consumption information at any time


  1. Local records

Important events such as recharged power, power failure times, side cover opening times and overload times are all recorded locally.


  1. Balance reminder

With level 1 balance alarm. When the balance is less than 10kwh, the green LED will continue to flash to prompt the user to purchase power in time to ensure sufficient power purchase margin.


  1. Overload protection

When the load exceeds the power threshold set by the software for more than 30 seconds, the relay is automatically disconnected; it supports remote communication and manual control of relay tripping and closing to ensure the safety of power consumption and personal property in all aspects.


  1. Emergency power

If the energy of the electricity meter is exhausted, you can temporarily borrow 10kWh of electricity by pressing the multifunctional button. The electricity will be automatically deducted the next time you recharge.


YTL APS prepayment system achieves refined management, which can monitor power data and operation records in real time. The whole system can operate independently without human intervention; both the seller and the buyer have the lessee and the buyer independently complete the online payment (also support offline payment). It really makes it easy to purchase electricity anytime and anywhere, and the landlord or seller is also liberated from the need to stay at the point of sale, which greatly saves human and material resources.






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