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YTL smart street light control system, complete communication method

YTL smart street light control system, complete communication method

With the development of urbanization around the world, the number of street lights has also soared along with the paving of roads. The street light is one of the symbols of urbanization and an indispensable public facility in people's daily lives. Traditional LED lamps can no longer meet the needs of large-scale energy saving. The manual control and street lamp inspection require a lot of manpower and material resources. More efficient management methods and energy-saving programs have become the focus of attention of relevant departments.


The intelligent street lamp management system developed by Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronics Co., Ltd. (Referred to as YTL) can perfectly solve these problems. The YTL smart street light management system implements unified management of public lighting to achieve the "trinity" effect of remote monitoring of lighting, intelligent management and control, energy saving and consumption reduction. It provides a systematic solution for reasonably arranging lighting brightness and saving electricity.


System functions


■Remote communication

In order to meet the needs of different customers and various usage scenarios, YTL has developed a variety of communication and installation street lamp controllers. Communication methods include PLC, LoRa, Dail, NB-IoT, GPRS, etc. The installation methods include NEMA interface and conventional wiring.


■Energy-saving dimming

According to the real-time lighting requirements, the brightness of the lights can be adjusted through street light control to achieve the purpose of energy saving; there are usually two dimming methods of PWM and 0-10V.


■ Control function

Remote control: send commands in real time by PC software or mobile phone APP to control the switch of a single street lamp, dimming or the switch of the entire street lamp.

Strategy Control: According to the specific needs of customers to develop strategies for street light switch control and dimming management.

According to the local latitude and longitude, the strategy control plan is automatically generated for street light switch control and dimming management. After the setting is completed, the system can run independently without manual intervention.


■ Group control

For different switch operations in different time periods, it is possible to realize a fixed-point street lamp switch, which is called group control. In order to save energy, you can set street lights for strategic group control dimming, turn on the lights at intervals, and even turn off the lights in the area when the traffic flow is relatively quiet, to prevent unnecessary waste. These can be realized by strategy control.


■ Alarm function

When the street lights are damaged and the cable is stolen, the system automatically sends alarm information to the relevant management personnel; the system platform, mobile APP, and SMS can all obtain the alarm information.

■ Report function

You can query historical data such as voltage, current, power, power factor, power, and switch status at any time.


■ Operation and maintenance function

Daily parameter settings: centralized controller parameters and street lamp controller parameter settings. GIS map function: display the street lamp control cabinet and street lamp on the corresponding map position in the form of icons; indicate the status of the street lamp (light on, light off, failure) through different icon colors.


■Mobile APP

Mobile APP for mobile management control


YTL is oriented to market demand, aims to improve user experience and bring cost-effective products to customers. With 20 years of energy meter technology experience and a strong R&D team, YTL has created a smart street light management system that will help the upgrade of smart cities.



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