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Such a wonderful AMI smart meter system! ! !

Such a wonderful AMI smart meter system! ! !

The power industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities as global resources are becoming scarce, environmental pressures are increasing, the marketization of power is deepening, and requirements of users for electrical power reliability and quality are constantly improving. Thus building a safer, more reliable, environmentally friendly and economical power system has become the common goal of the global power industry.


The important technologies of the smart grid are mainly composed of four parts, the advanced measurement system AMI, the advanced distribution operation system ADOI, the advanced transmission operation system ATOI and the advanced asset management system AAMI.


Let’s talk about the advanced measurement system AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure); Its main function is to authorize users to establish the connection between the system and the load , and enable users to support the operation of the power grid; from metering, terminals, communications to comprehensive measurement of data collection, processing, analysis and control and complete solutions of interconnection.


  1. Smart meter


Smart meters are the key in the AMI system. Smart meters can not only measure electricity consumption, but also measure electricity consumption at a rate, monitor power quality of the power grid (voltage, current, power factor, harmonics), load control, remote on and off, and Realize two-way communication (RF\Zigbee\PLC\Wi-Fine\LoRa\GPRS\Ethernet\WiFi, etc.); In terms of metering method, bidirectional metering can be achieved (allowing users to sell the electrical energy produced by rooftop wind power and rooftop photovoltaic devices to the grid, which is conducive to the popularization of green energy). Smart meters will promote new ways of using electricity and lifestyles.


  1. Communication network


The basis of all advanced applications is adopting a fixed two-way communication network, which can transfer the collected data information (including fault alarm and device interference alarm) from the smart meter to the data center in real time.


  1. Measurement data management system MDMS


This is a database with analytical tools that process and store the measured values of electricity meters through the use of the AMI automatic data collection system.


The advanced measurement system AMI under the smart grid includes 3 systems: smart meters, network communication and meter data management. With the help of this system, intelligent demand-side management can be achieved, such as power consumption collection, demand-side/grid two-way communication, real-time electricity price response, smart home appliance control, virtual power plant and micro-grid control, anti-stealing electricity and other functions; Through the implementation of tariff electricity prices, consumption will be shifted to cheaper peak and valley periods, reducing electricity congestion and reducing the need for new facilities, which will save consumers money and reduce emissions.


YTL AMI system structure diagram




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