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With the APS prepaid system, there is no longer a "headache" for collecting electricity bills

In the past, landlords often encountered troubles when charging for electricity. For instance,  landlords need to find tenants door-to-door and ask for electricity bills. Some tenants may default, and landlords also need to pay a large amount of electricity in advance. The emergence of prepaid electricity meters wiped out these worries, and landlords can charge electricity without leaving home.


The APS system developed by Zhejiang Yongtailong solved these problems perfectly. The APS prepayment system uses advanced cloud service technology. Users can recharge their electricity bills through mobile phones and computers, and the power is automatically cut off when they owe money. Compared with the card meter, the advantages of the APS prepaid meter are self-evident. Imagine this scenario. In the middle of the night, the user’s power has been used up. At this time, the landlord must take the user’s IC card to the charging point to recharge, which makes this poor guy irritated. If using an APS prepaid electricity meter, then users only need to open the mobile phone APP or PC terminal and directly recharge online, which truly realizes the charging fee without leaving the house.


Another choice is the STS code type prepayment meter, which can also realize independent recharge of online payment. However, the STS standard prepaid electricity meter has a higher threshold for landlords or power sellers. The electricity seller must be a member of the STS Association and pay an annual membership fee. For some landlords, photovoltaic power generation system operators and small electricity sellers, the annual STS membership fee is also a considerable expense.


The YTL APS prepayment system perfectly replaces the traditional plug-in card type, and solves the problem of high threshold for STS standard prepayment meters; it has a high security level and is more convenient to use.


At present, the APS prepaid system has installed applications in many countries and obtained market licenses, with has an excellent reputation in the market. The PS prepaid system not only easily realizes the user's independent recharge, but also has data collection and analysis functions. APS has complete functions, convenience, durability, and cost-effectiveness which is the best in the industry! Save money and effort with APS prepaid meters! Perfect realization of user recharge anytime and anywhere, the electricity seller has been truly liberated.