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YTL Metering Micro Grid Solution!

YTL Metering Micro Grid Solution!


Statistics show that Nigeria is one of the fastest and most active countries in Africa. However, the steady growth of power generation is difficult to keep up with population and economic growth. The difficulty in power consumption has severely reduced the quality of life of the Nigerian people and affected the development of enterprises in Nigeria.


The government is using private capital to promote distributed power generation, so that the 73 million Nigerians, who account for nearly 1/3 of the country’s population, can have electricity in rural areas far away from cities and not covered by the grid.


Facing the huge business opportunities of distributed power generation, YTL Metering can provide a one-stop installation solution from power generation to selling electricity. Micro grid installation solutions, including distributed power generation, energy storage devices, energy conversion devices, load and monitoring, and protection devices,converged into a small power distribution system. At the same time, YTL Metering provides software and hardware for selling electricity, namely prepaid system and prepaid meter.


Purchase without worry, no need to troubleshoot all kinds of program accessories,if they can not be used together, debugging is very troublesome;

Selling electricity without worry, use the STS prepaid system which is commonly used in Africa to achieve 100% prepaid, pay first and then upload electricity mode, low capital pressure;

After-sales without worry, customer service and engineers will actively respond and solve any problems in the process of use in the first time;

Profit fast without worry, according to the calculation and feedback of YTL Metering partners, start to make a profit only takes about 2-3 years, and the hardware equipment can work for at least 10 years!


Nigeria has a broad market prospect, it is an excellent time to enter, welcome to contact us!