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Easier management, simpler choice-Ytl Three phase multifunctional mid guide rail meter

With the development of globalization, the market's pursuit of quality is higher and higher, many markets have their own access threshold, such as the European Union market, meters with mid certification has become the stepping stone to enter the European Union market. YTL, as one of the earliest domestic energy meter manufacturers to develop overseas markets, and also as the first batch of enterprises to enter the EU countries, has a number of MID certified meters. We are familiar with the changing needs of the EU market in the development, and constantly bring more and more powerful mid meters to the market. From the ordinary electronic meter to the meter with communication measurement, we have been at the forefront of the market.


Among all kinds of communication lists, RS485 Modbus communication is the most popular one. It has become a general industrial standard.With it, the control equipment produced by different manufacturers can be connected into an industrial network for centralized monitoring. At the same time, with the continuous development of industry, the power consumption of industry is increasing, the power gap still exists, and the multi rate meter arises at the historic moment. In order to encourage users to use electricity in undervalued period, the power sector tries to adopt different peak valley electricity prices, which increases great difficulty for the meter reading and management of the power sector. The ideal solution is to adopt the ownership of electricity Electronic multi rate watt hour meter with time-sharing billing function. Following the market demand trend, YTL has developed this three-phase multi-function mid guideway table dtf353f series, with different choices, which has been unanimously affirmed and praised by the market.

What are the attractive features of this mid watch?


Common meter

YTL multi function mid meter dts353f

Electricity metering

Ordinary kwh measurement method

Separate measurement of active and reactive power or positive and negative power

Different measurement methods are available

Parameter measurement

KWh only

Support the measurement of voltage, current, frequency, power and demand


General guide rail table outline

Exquisite design, with buttons, can support page turning


Without communication

Dts353f three series can be selected to meet the different needs of different scenarios, so it is no longer difficult for you to choose

Dts353f-1: basic model, supporting IR communication

Dts353f-2: Standard: support IR communication and RS485 Modbus communication

Dts353f-3: Upgrade: on the basis of supporting IR and RS485 Modbus communication, add four rate function and eight time periods

Application scenarios

General installation environment

The installation environment is more extensive. In addition to the ordinary environment, any use environment that needs Modbus communication, countries that need peak valley power control, and also support the current popular use environment in charging pile.


 In addition to the powerful function of the meter itself, which can solve a series of power problems, YTL's quality assurance is also an important reason for new and old customers to choose and trust us.

From R & D to certification to production, our products have been strictly tested.

More than 100 technical team back support, with CANAS recognized laboratory to ensure the comprehensive and professional product internal testing, special mid production line, advanced production technology. In the workshop, professional instruments are used to control the temperature and humidity to ensure a good product environment. During the whole production process, the MID quality standard and process flow are strictly followed. OQC inspection is carried out during the process, and bar code control of all processes enters the system to ensure that all key nodes of all products are 100% in place, so as to ensure that we provide customers with the best MID products.


 For this three-phase multi-functional mid meter, I am confident that we will achieve the best price under the same quality, and we will achieve the best quality and service under the same price, so as to eliminate the worries of customers.


We will always be committed to providing customers with high-quality power solutions with high cost performance and in line with the market development trend according to the market demand, and grow and develop together with customers.