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How do energy meter manufacturers guarantee the quality of their products?

As a kind of electric power measuring apparatus, the industry's requirement for product life is 10~15 years, and the stability and reliability of the product is very important. As an electric energy meter manufacturer, Yongtai Long combines the design and manufacturing process of smart meters in terms of product quality assurance, considers the operability and process of production in the design and development of meters, and fully reflects that product quality is designed out.

With more and more functions of electricity meters, electronic components and chips are becoming more and more precise, and the welding quality of the products is especially important, involving the reliability of each solder joint. This requires energy meter manufacturers to have the technical guarantee ability of SMT processing, infrastructure equipment and facilities, SOP operation requirements, and well-trained operation personnel.


The SMT workshop adopts digital temperature and humidity management system to monitor the temperature and humidity in the workshop in real time, and if it exceeds the safety threshold, an alarm will be issued immediately to take countermeasures. In terms of anti-static, laying anti-static floor, the use of anti-static tablecloth, anti-static turnover box regular testing of anti-static facilities; operating personnel wear anti-static clothing, anti-static hat, anti-static shoes, anti-static bracelets to control the generation of static electricity.

Electricity meter PCB board printing link, according to the different functions of the meter PCB board using different thickness of the stencil (0.15mm or 0.12mm); for different packages of the device stencil openings will also be adjusted and cured according to the actual welding effect. The solder paste for printing is first in first out, and when using it, it is firstly warmed up and then stirred for use. In SMT placement link, daily maintenance of the equipment, regular cleaning of the nozzle, regular verification of the placement calibration degree, management by the policy of prevention. Adopt 8 temperature zone reflow soldering equipment, strictly control the temperature curve, different electric meter PCB for production should be tested with temperature curve tester, adjust the curve that meets the reflow temperature of this electric meter module. After reflow soldering the electric meter PCB module SMD welding is completed, it is necessary to use AOI optical vision detector and X-ray inspection equipment to inspect its welding quality and screen out the electric meter PCB module with false soldering, leakage, mis-soldering and deviation of device position.

Survival by quality, product quality is of great concern to both manufacturers and consumers, and is the foundation on which the enterprise survives. As a manufacturer of energy meters for more than 20 years, Yongtai Long has accumulated rich experience in all aspects of energy meter R&D, device selection, raw material procurement, meter production and quality control, and has formed a system of standardized operation.