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Looking for a model for smart sockets

The utilization of electronic energy meter is the main symbol of the second industrial revolution, and human society has entered the electric age since then. In the electric age society, electric energy has gradually become a social necessity. Once the electric energy is lost, it will not be able to operate effectively. The development of electric power is closely related to social and economic development. Economic development depends on the development of electric power and plays an important role in the progress and development of human society. It has greatly improved people's living environment and quality of life, and improved production efficiency. indispensable energy in life. Modern life is inseparable from electricity at all times. Electric lights, computers, televisions, air conditioners, elevators, mobile phones, electric bicycles, new energy vehicles, etc. all need electricity.

YTL DDS353H Din-Rail Single Phase 1 model Multi-tariffs CE RoHS Electric Meter
YTL DDS353H Din-Rail Single Phase 1 model Multi-tariffs CE RoHS Electric Meter
YTL DDS353H Din-Rail Single Phase 1 model Multi-tariffs CE RoHS Electric Meter
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ES110E is the smallest direct type meter in the world with multi-function.
It supports RS485 communication, and can read data remotely.
And it is very popular as its din-rail installation, good reliability, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and other characteristics; comply with IEC standards.

Electric energy is a very convenient energy source, but there are also potential safety hazards that require preventive measures in terms of electricity safety. In addition, electric energy needs to be used for a fee, which leads to bottlenecks in electricity consumption in many public places, and who will bear the cost of energy consumption. For example, multi-person dormitory sockets need to be used for a fee and the use of high-power electrical equipment needs to be controlled; stations and libraries need to use mobile phones and computers to charge, and need to be paid for use; electric bicycles are more urgent. Long-distance riding in public The parking lot can be charged and needs to be used for a fee and involves electricity safety issues. In this way, there are still many scenarios of electricity use in public areas, and the pain point of how to easily distinguish paid use and take into account the safety of electricity consumption is particularly prominent.
According to market-level information and data collection, Yongtailong has developed a smart socket meter. From the appearance, it can directly replace the 86-type socket, which is very convenient for new installation and reconstruction.
1. The power metering accuracy is grade 1, and the professional power calibration device is used for production.
2. Power control can prevent the use of high-power equipment, and over-voltage trip alarm protects electrical equipment
3. The temperature of the insert is detected to prevent fire caused by poor contact of the plug
4. Zero live wire detection to ensure the safety of the socket after the brake is broken
5. LCD dot matrix screen displays electricity consumption data and ID QR code
6. Products with Bluetooth communication version and 4G (CAT1) communication version
7. Paying for the use of the socket by scanning the code on the mobile phone