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How to choose a suitable switching power supply chip

How to choose a suitable switching power supply chip

The switching power supply chip is the heart that manages the power supply of electronic equipment. It is responsible for the management and control functions such as the conversion, distribution, and detection of power of electronic equipment. Once it fails, it will directly cause the electronic equipment to stop working or even be damaged. Therefore, the power management chip must meet the requirements of high stability and low power consumption; Nowadays, there are many brands of switching power supply chips on the market, many different types of functions, and the performance is uneven. Choosing a suitable switching power supply requires long-term application to check and judge.


Relying on its own design and development in the energy meter industry for more than 20 years, YTL has launched the YTL113D offline switching power supply chip with repeated use of switching power supply and according to the product's performance requirements for switching power supply chip. The maximum output power reaches 24W. Unlike the combined solution of PWM controller and external discrete power MOS, YTL113D internally integrates PWM controller, 1000V power tube and primary peak current detection circuit, and adopts patented self-powered technology that can omit auxiliary power supply winding, so it is greatly It simplifies peripheral application circuits, reduces the number of originals, circuit size and weight, and is particularly suitable for cost-sensitive flyback switching power supplies.


Product Features


Full voltage input 85V-450V

Built-in 1000V high-voltage power tube

Internal integrated high-voltage startup circuit, no external startup resistor

Built-in 16mS soft start circuit

Built-in high and low voltage power compensation circuit to keep the maximum output power of high and low voltage consistent

Patented self-powered technology, no external auxiliary winding power supply

Built-in frequency modulation circuit simplifies peripheral EMI design cost

Complete over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current, overload, output open / short circuit protection

Instrumentation power supply

DVD, VCR, STB power supply

Adapter, charger power supply


Internal block Diagram




Package & Pin Definition (DIP-8)



Function Description



Chip ground



Chip ground



Feedback control input pin



Chip power supply pin



Power tube output pin

Switching power supply chips play an increasingly important role in our lives, flooding every corner of our lives, and are widely used in communication equipment, consumer electronics, industrial control, automotive electronics, medical instruments and other applications. Whether it is a charger for various digital products, or an electronic product necessary for our lives. The YTL113D offline switching power supply chip introduced by Yongtailong Electronics Co., Ltd. has concentrated the needs of industries such as smart meters, instrumentation, and power measurement, and has been fully verified in actual product design.