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It is amazing that smart and safe power management system can actually save operating costs! ! !

In recent years, electrical fire accidents have occurred frequently. According to official data, from 2011 to 2016, a total of 524,000 electrical fires occurred in China, causing 3261 deaths and 2063 injuries. The direct economic loss was more than 9.2 billion yuan, accounting for more than 30% of the total fires and casualties in the country ; There were 17 heavy and heavy electrical fires, accounting for 70% of the total. Among them, line aging, wire corrosion, external force destruction, line overload, equipment failure, and equipment overload are the main factors that trigger electrical fires.


In densely populated places like factories, schools, hospitals, social welfare homes, etc., once an electrical fire occurs, the consequences can be disastrous. How to effectively reduce the impact of fire casualties is of great significance to prevent electrical fires. So is there any way to crack this hard nut?


YTL U°smart and safe electricity management system is a set of cost-effective intelligent power measurement and monitoring system, which integrates information collection, real-time monitoring, fire monitoring and safety alarm of power grid quality. It can timely discover the hidden safety hazards of electrical circuits and electrical equipment through online inspection, big data analysis and safety indicator alarms, avoiding major electrical safety accidents, effectively preventing the occurrence of casualties and major property loss events, and eliminating potential dangers of electrical fires. It have truly achieved the purpose of "preventing the future" and provide users with a safe and green electricity environment.



System Functions


  1. Remote Control

Online connection, users can remotely control on and off, realize remote management, save manpower, prevent accidents, and help enterprises save energy and reduce emissions


  1. Real Time Monitoring

Real-time collection and monitoring of power, current, voltage, power, power factor, temperature, leakage current and other data of equipment operation


  1. Security Alert

Real-time alarms for over-current, over-temperature conductor, and leakage, real-time notification in multiple ways, accurate to the point, and fast positioning.


  1. Hierarchical management

Hierarchical management and multiple lines of defense to prevent serious accidents caused by personal omissions


  1. Analysis & Prediction

Analyze the relevant parameters of the electrical equipment circuit, analyze and judge the cause of the failure and the status development trend, improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, and extend the service life


YTL U°smart safety electricity management system is powerful, integrates energy meters and power monitoring into one, and the price is affordable, which can bring tangible benefits to customers. After the U°system is installed, it can be connected online for remote management and remote management, while saving energy and reducing emissions. YTL summarized the customer feedback data and found that after installing the U°system, it can save energy by more than 20% on average, reduce the power failure rate by more than 80%, and save labor costs by more than 60%.


YTL U-degree smart safety electricity management system is powerful, reliable, safe, and cost-effective in the leading position among similar products. At present, it has occupied a considerable portion of the market and has been recognized and appreciated by several customers.


The spirit of meticulousness and excellence of the YTL team is perfectly reflected in this product. Safe use of electricity, choose YTL, will never let you down!