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Professional STS energy meter!

STS energy meter

The gradual increase in Africa's electricity infrastructure has led to a gradual increase in the demand for electricity. However the difficulty of collecting and paying bills has been a problem for both electricity sales and customers. To solve this problem, the STS association was established in 1993, initiated by Eskom, to successfully address the compatibility between meters and vending systems of different suppliers. There was also a need to ensure adequate system security to prevent fraud. the STS project was quite successful in enabling vending systems from different manufacturers to offer compatible token/credit transfers to any STS-compliant meter (from many manufacturers). The development, manufacture and sale of prepaid meters in Africa revolves around the STS association, and Yongtailong, a long-standing STS member for over 10 years, has a wide range of single pahse and three phase meters in many types and with different features.




•First paid, then USE electricity

•Keypad with 20number token to charge, no need IC card

•Keypad lifetime is more than 25000 times (test in third LAB)

•Events record

•Low balance credit alarm, emergency alarm

•LCD display for kinds of values: remain credit, total kWh, constant voltage, constant current and so on.

•LCD can display pages by press the button

•Display kinds different info through short code

•Internal 80A relay, can power off the meter when no credit.

•Over load protection

•Terminal cover tamper protection

Meter support IR communication

With RF wire communication between MCU and CIU, CIU can display balance, alarm time and so on events. Enter short key in CIU keypad to read MCU’s data, enter recharge token in CIU keypad to recharge for MCU.



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