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What is the magic weapon of power demand management

With the economic development of various countries, the contradiction between energy supply and demand has begun to emerge again. In order to meet the power demand of users, the power grid must ensure the corresponding power supply and capacity reserves. Although the world is accelerating the speed of power construction, the power shortage is still difficult to completely solve in the short term. Under the condition of power shortage, how to further promote the demand management of the power system and achieve the environmental protection goal becomes particularly important. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the power demand side management.
What is DSM? This kind of management is a way for the state to guide users to use less electricity during peak hours and more electricity during low valleys, improve power supply efficiency and optimize electricity consumption methods through policy measures. According to statistics, more than 95% of the peak loads in my country have an annual cumulative duration of only dozens of hours. It is uneconomical to increase the installed capacity of peak shaving power generation to meet this part of the peak load. If the demand side management method is used to reduce this part of the peak load , it can relieve the pressure of tight electricity supply and demand. Countries such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, National Law and Italy have a huge team engaged in demand side management. In the United States alone, in 2000, about $156 million was invested to try out demand management work, saving 53.7 billion kWh of electricity and reducing peak loads by 22 million kilowatts.
It can be seen that demand-side management can greatly improve the efficiency of terminal power consumption and power generation and power supply. So how can we achieve demand side management? The three-phase multi-function tariff meter developed by Yongtailong is the magic weapon for realizing demand side management. The meter is equipped with four tariffs to implement peak-valley time-of-use tariffs. It can divide 24 hours a day into four tariffs: peak, peak, flat, and valley. There are 8 time zones, and the 8 time periods can be freely set according to the following table.
By using different time rates, residents can be encouraged to take advantage of the favorable conditions of the low-valley electricity price to consume a large amount of low-valley electricity, such as electric water heaters, air conditioners and other electrical equipment. At the same time, for the power sector, shifting the peak electricity consumption to the trough period not only alleviates the peak power supply and demand gap, but also promotes the optimal allocation of power resources, which is a win-win strategy of “peak shaving and valley filling”.
Electricity has become an indispensable energy source for every household, and Yongtailong's mission is to make power measurement and control more valuable and make global electricity more convenient. It is such a three-phase meter with tariffs that uses a "win-win" function. , the state improves system efficiency through demand response, users reduce electricity costs through demand management, and through measures such as peak shaving, valley filling or peak shifting and valley filling, to achieve the goals of saving electricity, reducing or delaying the construction of installed capacity, and improving the overall efficiency of the power system Purpose.