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How to get 55 million people connected to electricity in 10 years in Nigeria

There are 73.6 million people lack of power supply In Nigeria. According to the national plan, 55 million people will be connected to the grid within 10 years. To achieve this goal, more than 5 million households need to be connected yearly and increase power generation about 1000MW until 2030. So there will be huge potential demand of microgrid, and now it is the best time to enter this market.

Now lots of social capital start to enter the microgrid market, but operators are facing many problems: for example, the supporting equipments for power generation are uncompetitive, revenue and expenditure management is difficult, and the payback period is long. YTL provide a complete set of solutions for microgrid. The power generation capacity can be customized according to the demand, typically 50KW and 100kW, and equipped with a perfect prepayment management system to make sure 100% electricity charge in advance and 0 arrears.

For example, 50KW can be used in the villages with 100 families. The electricity consumption per household is 2.4kwh per day and the selling price per kWh is 0.35 yuan. Then 20500 kwh of electricity can recover the cost of the whole microgrid, and payback period can be reduced to 2 ~ 3 years. The whole set of microgrid can bring a net profit of 30000USD / year in the next 7-8 years.

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