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Energy saving tips !

Statistics show that Africa not only has the problem of insufficient power supply, but also the problem of electricity waste.

Providing customers with energy efficiency management and energy-saving technical service services is a brand new business carried out by power companies in the smart grid environment!

 Mini Grid !

 Many countries in Africa are carrying out distributed power generation in full swing with the strong support of the government.

Solar power generation is currently the most common way of generating electricity. It is green and environmentally friendly, and it can also store excess electricity for emergencies.

Yongtailong 's Mini Grid solution is the most competitive choice for distributed power generation in Africa.

 Anti Tamper !

 What else do we need to pay attention to when electricity wastage?

The problem of electricity theft in Africa has always been the problem that plagues users the most. Yongtailong has developed a multi anti-tamper electricity meter specifically for the problem of electricity theft in Africa, so that you can use electricity without worry.

 Prepayment meter!

 The prepaid meter allows customers to get used to the mode of paying first and then using electricity, and users will consciously save electricity during use.

Yongtailong Metering has launched a variety of versions of prepaid meters, which can meet your various needs for meters!

 With YTL 's smart meters, you can always pay attention to the abnormal situation of the energy grid, and can deal with problems in time, so that user comfortable, customer satisfied!