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What are the benefits of prepaid sub meter for tenants

The African real estate market is booming with new commercial and residential developments, and with it comes the growing demand for effective monitoring and billing of electricity consumption by tenants.

Using sub meters, such as those provided by YTL metering, enables landlords and owners to manage their electricity consumption more reliably and accurately.


What is a sub meter?


It is a kind of electricity meter, sub meter measures electricity consumption.

Enable the landlord, property manager or legal entity to manage and monitor the use of electricity.

The sub meter is installed downstream of the main meter. In each area to be measured, the sub meter is suitable for various settings, such as rental houses, student dormitories, business parks, apartment buildings, complexes, etc.


What are the benefits of prepaid sub meter for tenants?

The prepaid sub meter solves many problems; it allows reliable and accurate power management for commercial and residential areas, minimizes management, increases customer engagement, and saves money.

Tenants pay their electricity bills in advance, which means that they will never worry about collecting money from tenants again.

Transparent monitoring means that tenants can see how much electricity they use, which has the effect of saving energy and electricity, and resolving billing disputes during use.

What can YTL metering help you with?

YTL metering has a team with more than 20 years of manufacturing and marketing experience, and already has customers in nearly 60 countries around the world such as Africa, Europe, and Indonesia. Among them, 30% of the market is a secondary non-bidding market.

For the electricity meter launched in the African market, YTL metering cooperated with a foreign trade company in Tanzania last year. From scratch, it took 9 months to achieve the sales of two sets of prepaid products exceeding 2 million US dollars, and at the same time cultivated 2 technical backbones!

To increase the company's market share from 0 to 5%, we believe that a good start is half the battle.



If you are interested in how YTL metering did it, please contact YTL metering.