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What is the difference between an electronic meter and a mechanical meter?

All electric meters have a common feature, which is to measure the consumption of electric energy; according to the different applicable occasions and design structures, many types of electric energy meters are derived. For example: mechanical structure and electronic structure, prepayment, multiple rate, Multi-function and so on. In terms of structure, mechanical and electronic, only the design structure is different. Three Phase Keypad split type Energy Meter
The product functions are the same. In the early days, households used mechanical watt-hour meters. Now with the advantages and general level of electronic products, products with mechanical structures are gradually being replaced by electronic structures. General households use ordinary electric energy meters, but in special cases, electric energy meters with special functions must be used, such as: prepaid meters, which can realize the payment before using electricity; multi-rate watt-hour meters can be used.
The electric energy used is measured in time periods to facilitate the electric power bureau to charge different electricity charges according to different time periods, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling power peaks. Multi-function is more versatile. It can not only measure active and reactive power in time-sharing, but also monitor electricity consumption.


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