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Are you still paying for the tampering electricity users

Are you still paying for the tampering electricity users

With the increasing demand of electric power users for energy, some users have adopted various methods of tampering(frauds) in order to obtain free electricity or to pay less for electricity bills. This not only caused a large amount of power loss, but also caused great economic loss for the power distribution company and utility.


In Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other countries, tampering particularly very serious. Taking South American countries as an example, the general power tampering loss is about 20%, but the government requires the distribution company to control the loss at 9%. If the loss is higher than 9%, the government has the right to charge penalty, and require the distribution company invest in the construction of transmission Infrastructure, and even re-sign energy contracts to reduce the power supply users for them. Undoubtedly, this is a great economic loss for the distribution company. YTL successfully assisted local customers to reduce the loss of electricity theft from 26% to 6%, which is self-evident for the utility.


 For example :One transformer connects to 100 households, each household consumes 50 kWh of electricity per month, and the electricity price is USD0.2/kWh

Without tampering:0.2*50*100=1000USD


26% tampering loss



6% tampering loss



Reduce loss monthly



Reduce loss annually


10 transformers, reduce loss annually


 YTL has more than 20 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing in the electric energy meter industry, and has a wide range of knowledge in the research of preventing electricity tampering. How did we reduce it from 26% to 6%? First of all, thanks to anti tampering meter.

Normal anti tampering meters

YTL smart anti tampering meters

The electric meter actively measures the high-load circuit according to the current of the neutral wire and the live wire, but cannot actively cut off the power to prevent users from tampering

 The meter measures the high-load circuit according to the current of the neutral wire and the phase wire. The built-in relay can  actively control to disconnect the meter to  prevent users from tampering

 When the neutral line is missing, the meter stops working and the user continues to use electricity


1- Relay is disconnected when neutral missing

2- The meter can work normally after the neutral missing and 1A can accurately measure, (the meter with the function of measuring when neutral missing )

 Using conventional magnetic latching relays, the coil is easily disturbed by the external DC magnetic field, causing malfunctions

 Using a newly designed motor relay, the motor will not change state after being exposed to an external DC magnetic field, and no accidental relay action will occur

For power supply design, the transformer needs to add the iron shield to realize the anti-DC magnetic field

 YTL designed power supply module with wide voltage input range, resistant to high DC magnetic field 500MT

 Assemble cover with base, IP51

 Long main cover wrapped with base, and the seal protects the opening screw, so that the case cannot be opened without damaging the case and the seal. IP54


 Meter with fixed voltage range

 meter has a wide range voltage range, such as a CT meter 57.5V~277V. The anti tampering meter can be used in different countries without the need to develop different voltage versions for different countries.

 The meter is equipped with electricity stealing function, but it is installed in front of the house so that the user can access the electricity meter

The meter is equipped with anti tampering function and communication.

The meter is installed in the meter box and hung on the pole. The user can not reach the meter, and the meter can be read by remote communication.





Secondly, in response to different application environment and different customers needs, YTL also provides customized solutions for tampering. In order to steal electricity, many users do everything possible to turn on the meter and intervene in the key components of the meter to achieve their purpose to pay less. The meter designed by YTL is IP54 design. It is placed in the meter box and placed on the pole. Even if end users can open the case, the important components in the meter are all covered by glue at 360 degrees, they can not damage the important measuring components to do tampering.


End users open the cover and modify components


Components are covered by glue, no access to key components


 Finally, there are various methods of tampering, but the basic principle is mainly based on the principle of electricity measurement. How much power metering equipment (watt-hour meter) measures mainly depends on the three parameters of voltage, current, and power factor. Changing any one of the technical parameters by technical means can achieve the purpose of tampering. However, as long as you use YTL multifunctional anti-tampering meter, you can easily prevent electricity theft, and no longer need to worry about tampering, and no longer suffer the huge losses from tampering.


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