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The product function and main purpose of the multifunctional electric energy meter

The multifunctional electric energy meter is the intelligent terminal of the smart grid. It is no longer an electric energy meter in the traditional sense. In addition to the basic electricity metering function of the traditional electric energy meter, it also has two-way multiple functions in order to adapt to the use of smart grids and new energy. Intelligent functions such as tariff metering function, user-side control function, two-way data communication function with multiple data transmission modes, anti-theft function, etc., represent the development direction of future energy-saving smart grid end-user intelligent terminals.single phase din rail meter Manufacturers

   Product function of multi-function electric energy meter:
  Single-circuit residual current, four-channel temperature detection and monitoring.
   Over-limit alarm output, sound and light alarm function.
   Support circuit breaker trip function, display trip status.
   Support fire linkage function.
   Fully intelligent system parameter setting, convenient and simple.
   Intelligent identification of alarm fault status, accurate location of the fault point.
  Support test, reset and self-check.
  Embedded installation on the panel of the distribution box, fixed without screws and sliders.

  Multifunctional electric energy meter is mainly used to measure single/three-phase active electric energy of low-voltage network. It has the advantages of high accuracy, small size and convenient installation. It can be flexibly installed in the distribution box to realize sub-item electric energy measurement, statistics and analysis of different loads.
   is composed of current transformer, integrated metering chip, microprocessor, temperature compensation real-time clock, data interface equipment and man-machine interface equipment. The integrated metering chip converts the analog signal from the voltage divider and the current transformer into a digital signal, and performs a digital integration operation on it, so as to obtain the active power and the reactive power. The microprocessor is based on the corresponding tariff and demand requirements. Process the data. The result is stored in the data memory, and provides information and data exchange to the external interface at any time.


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