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What are some of the general similarities of great businesses?


What are some of the general similarities of great businesses?



No matter what the job is, leaders are always looking for the best people, when in reality the business is just a group of people engaged in all kinds of creativity and invention.


Become a multiplier

Business leaders know that it is not the only genius at the top of the intellectual hierarchy. Instead, geniuses know the importance of leveraging the intelligence and abilities of everyone on the team.


Setting a clear direction

Keeping people engaged, aligned and pointed in the right direction is critical for an organization. If everyone is moving in a different direction, there can be chaos in the organization.


Value culture

Understand the culture of the organization, especially their expectations for good employees. Look at successful employees, employees who are recognized, employees who are rising fast - they represent what the company is looking for.


Building and maintaining trust

Trust is a key element that we all need to set aside for vulnerability, but it is hard to build and easy to lose. It is not built on words, but on actions and evidence. Only when it is effective can teams address the issues necessary to win.


Each year, YTL takes stock and actively encourages a group of value-creating employees by giving timely and positive feedback from the company. For example, at the beginning of 2021, the company rewarded seven employees with the use of Tesla cars in recognition of outstanding contributions made during the previous year's work. And that's just part of what YTL rewards each year. Employees will receive positive feedback at YTL, so it's only natural that the team will be stable, technological innovation and efficiency will rise.