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EV charging station with MID energy meters

Electric vehicle charging posts are devices that replenish electrical energy to electric vehicles, and are generally installed on highways, shopping malls and parking lots. As the global electric vehicle market grows, the market demand for electric vehicle charging posts continues to increase. According to the IEA of International Energy Agency, the global scale of charging piles in 2025 and 2030 is forecasted: based on the latest policies and sustainable development programs of each country, the global charging piles are expected to reach 65 million by 2025, of which 56.7 million are expected to be private and 8.3 million are expected to be public; by 2030, the global charging piles are expected to reach By 2030, global charging piles are expected to reach 215.2 million, including 189.9 million private piles and 25.3 million public piles.

The rapid increase of electric vehicles and the full coverage of charging piles involve the problem of electric energy measurement and charging, which requires a large number of energy meters to measure the energy consumption of electricity. For the unique application scenario of charging piles,Yongtailong has planned and designed a series of charging pile meters in collaboration with charging pile customers. Single-phase AC rail meter, three-phase AC rail meter and DC rail meter.

Introduce the functional characteristics for the charging pile use scenario.

1The appearance adopts rail type, which reduces the overall space in volume and facilitates the installation in the charging pile.

2, using RS485 communication, the highest baud rate up to 115200bps, compatible with Modbus / DLT645-2007 protocol

3Adopt high-precision shunt for measurement sampling to ensure the accuracy of measurement

4, in the function of the design of the unique can clear the power to meet the application of each charge energy settlement design

5, charging pile use high frequency, installation environment is different, we in the power meter device use strict control, for the life of sensitive devices through the double 85 test, and the use of the device brand nearly 20 years without replacement.

6The products meet MID and CPA certification at the same time, suitable for the selection of domestic and foreign charging piles


According to the application scenario, market invisible demand, customer demand planning involving products is what we have been adhering to, only deep plowing in this market can develop the ultimate product and provide value for customers. At present, our charging pile series meters have cooperated with many domestic and foreign charging pile manufacturers and are favored by customers.