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raised a huge demand of the energy meter

The market of EV Charger booming fast which meanwhile raised a huge demand of the energy meter,Investigations shows:

  • Till year 2035 the EU market will stopped supplying the fuel Cars.
  • Till year 2025 there will be 13million EV vehicles for EU market, need at least 1.3million EV chargers
  • Till year 2030 the EV vehicles is estimated to reach to 44millions and will need the EV chargers more than 3million for EU market

Each charger will need 2 meters in general the market demand for EV charger used will me more than 6millions even more since the above data is just for public EV chargers.

Some of the chief concerns we hear lately include:

  • Inability to have a competitive and accurate measuring units.
  • Hard to find a device that can measure the current leakage of the EV charger to make sure the safety when charging the vehicle.
  • The measuring unit is too big size to put inside the charger.
  • The measurement device lack of certificate

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