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Advantages of STS code prepaid energy meters in application

As the supply of energy and resources becomes increasingly tense, in the development of smart grids, in order to save energy, rationally allocate resources, reduce manual meter reading, and solve the difficulty of charging, power institutions are increasingly inclined to adopt a prepaid electricity management model. This article introduces the prepaid energy meter based on STS code.


STS code type prepaid energy meter refers to a prepaid electricity meter that conforms to the STS standard (IEC62055 international standard) and uses a 20-digit code as the transmission medium for power purchase information; the STS standard is currently the world's only open prepaid system standard . The application of this technology needs to be authorized by the STS Association to ensure the safety of the power company when applying the STS system.


Conventional prepaid energy meters mainly refer to IC card-type energy meters, including contact and non-contact types; Its working principle is that the power supply department uses the electricity sales system to encrypt the purchased power and write it into the user's IC card, and then the user recharges the power to the energy meter through the IC card, thereby realizing the transfer of the user's power purchase information. At present, IC card energy meters mainly have the following disadvantages:                  


Compatibility issues: Different IC cards use different encryption methods, and different vendors use different ICs, which is difficult to be compatible and has poor scalability.Popular In Africa Single Phase Prepaid Meter


Difficulties in purchasing electricity: Customers must purchase electricity at the designated business point of the power company.


Security issue: The power is stored on the card through encryption, which is easy to damage, lose or be attacked.Every electric meter needs to use an IC card, which is costly and inconvenient to us.


Compared with traditional IC card energy meters, STS energy meters have the advantages of easy operation, diverse transmission media, convenient transmission, high security and compatibility with international standards; they can be purchased through SMS, online banking, electricity sales points and other methods And, the third-party STS protocol and key are used to encrypt the meter one-to-one, so that the user information is separated from the power purchase information, which is more secure and reliable.