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Energy saving solution from YTL metering

Smart meters have been around for a while, and there are more and more application scenarios. Commonly used scenarios include ordinary metering, electric vehicle charging piles, industrial automation, power quality, in addition to electrical protection, process detection and control, and so on.

And today’s focus is on the role of smart meters in energy saving and consumption reduction.

Smart meters are also the starting point for an important upgrade of a country's energy infrastructure.


For the country, the power supply bureau, the information provided by smart meters will enable energy companies to create "smart grids" that use digital technology to predict how much electricity is needed, when and where, so as to better match supply and demand.

A smarter grid with more balanced demand actively promotes energy decarbonization and reduces emissions due to the need to generate additional electricity from fossil fuels.


For individuals, understanding and managing the electricity used, adjusting energy use based on information, and achieving transparency in consumption are tangible benefits.


For example, our customer applied YTL-metering smart meter to a factory.

The factory has been looking for ways to save energy and reduce consumption.

Before using YTL-metering smart meters, they don't know where the electricity is used, and there is no refined power control.

After using the meter solution provided by YTL-metering, the reason for the power consumption was found, and it is estimated that it can save 72,000 kWh of electricity every year.Usually the power consumption of the factory is 300,000 kWh, and saving 70,000 kWh means saving 23%!



Use our smart meters for control and savings.

You are responsible for monitoring your usage.


YTL-metering electric energy meter measures and displays various important electrical parameters.

It lets you understand your energy consumption so that you can save energy.