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YTL metering for Africa market

With the rapid economic development of the African region, the demand for electricity is increasing. Governments have brought in private capital to aggressively expand the market for smart meters, which can only be installed to regulate electricity.


When it comes to electricity meters in Africa, the traditional suspended meter is essential. ytl has a variety of communication options for suspended meters and an accompanying ICU.(pictured)



One of the disadvantages of conventional suspended meters in Africa, as shown above, is their large size. With high freight costs, the more meters that can be loaded in a container is the best way to pull down costs and increase profits!


YTL metering timely launched the rail meter, less than 1/2 the size of the same function meter, which has huge advantages for both semi bulk export and whole meter export, that's why we can help a customer in Tanzania to get 2 million dollars sales from nothing in one year! Innovation has always been the company motto of YTL metering.


YTL metering has developed the Wi-Fine communication method for the African market, where communication is unstable, wiring is difficult, and long distance transmission is impossible. The advantages of Wi-Fine are large scale, low power consumption, high security, stable communication, fast speed, as shown in the figure below.





YTL metering is an established STS member that has been a member for over 10 years and manufactures meters that fit the needs of Africa.

If you would like to have further information about our company, please feel free to come and communicate with us.