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Establish distributed solar power generation and realize career development

The establishment of distributed solar power generation to achieve business development.

In Nigeria, about 73.6 million people lack access to the electricity grid, which is a huge gap in electronic energy meter consumption. The country's current target of 90% electricity by 2030 (55m connected in 10 years) falls short. To achieve this, it needs to connect more than one million households per year and increase about 250 W of electricity generation in 2030. Because of this, the market for distributed, renewable energy systems has great potential and is the best time to enter.
At present, a lot of social capital is entering the distributed energy microgrid market, but many operators lack operational experience. For example, the competitiveness of the whole distributed generation equipment is not enough, the management of electricity revenue and expenditure is difficult, and the cost recovery period of operators is long. In order to meet the market demand, Yongtai Long provides a complete set of distributed generation solutions. The power generation capacity can be customized according to the demand of electricity consumption, typically 50KW,100KW, and supporting a perfect prepaid management system, to achieve 100% prepaid electricity, 0 overdue;

For example, 50KW can be used in a village with 100 households. At 2.4kwh per household per day and 0.35 yuan per KWH per KWH, 20,500 KWH of electricity can recover the cost of the entire microgrid input, and the recovery cycle can be shortened to two to three years. The whole microgrid can achieve a net profit of usd 30,000.00 / year in the next 7-8 years.

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