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Intelligent Electricity Information Management System in the Age of Internet

Intelligent Electricity Information Management System in the Age of Internet


The third industrial revolution triggered a major leap in information technology, which not only greatly promoted the changes in the economic, political, and cultural fields of human society, but also affected human life styles and ways of thinking, and made human social life and human modernization more advanced. In the age of Internet, people's demand for smart electricity information management systems is increasing. At present, there are many kinds of smart electricity management systems on the market, and the quality is uneven. It is difficult to choose a truly satisfactory system solution.


Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a green, energy-saving, safe and secure electricity environment. Relying on YTL’s years of experience and technical advantages in the power metering industry, it integrates the four functions of power consumption monitoring, smart joint control, prepaid management and smart lighting to achieve power cloud management in a variety of scenarios, helping to achieve smart power consumption and management Visualize and work efficiently. Use the Internet of Things mode to liberate managers and start a smart life in the IOT era.


U° smart and safe power management system


This is a cost-effective intelligent power monitoring system that integrates information collection, real-time monitoring, fire detection, and safety alarms on power grid quality. It can prevent and avoid electrical safety accidents and provide users with a safe and green electricity environment. Suitable for factories, schools, hospitals, social welfare institutions, etc.


APS prepaid electricity consumption management system



The APS prepaid management system is a system for landlords that can build free space and equal bridges with tenants. It integrates remote meter reading, recharge, zero reset and other functions. The use of electricity and water is no longer the landlord’s "one-word" style of mighty stick, but the landlord and tenant's "family" harmonious bond. Suitable for rental houses, apartments, schools, etc.


Smart street lighting control system


Smart street light management system-is a set of unified management of street lamp public lighting, which can achieve the effects of remote monitoring of lighting, intelligent management and control, energy saving and consumption reduction. It provides a systematic solution for rationally arranging the lighting brightness and saving power. Suitable for street lights in cities, tunnels, parks, etc.



Zhejiang Yongtailong Electronics Co., Ltd. wins the respect of the market with "innovation", seizes market development opportunities, introduces the old and brings forth the new, and continuously develops and manufactures cost-effective products and services that meet market needs in the field of power metering, creating value for customers and saving energy for the earth!