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Made in China, YTL speed!

In the past two years, the words "shortage" and "scarcity" have repeatedly appeared in the world's major media. From the "electricity shortage" caused by the soaring coal price, which led to the "chip shortage" with generally longer delivery time; from the "Petrol shortage" caused by the "labor shortage" in the UK and the "gas shortage" in Europe, to the United Nations released data showing that global food prices hit a ten-year high. Currently, commodity prices are rising and shortages are frequent as a direct result of the COVID-19 breaking the market's supply and demand balance.

The global shortage of chips, especially the chips which are produced in Europe and the US, the chip crisis in 2021 intensified, will continue in 2022, the chip delivery date will be delayed by about 10 to 20 weeks, and its still unknown whether it will be eased by 2023. In 2019, the normal cycle of chip delivery is 6 to 9 weeks. According to research published by market analysts Heineken International Group, the delivery time of chips reached about 25.8 weeks in December 2021. The long-term shortage of various types of chips is not only caused by the epidemic restricting manufacturers' production capacity and logistics transportation, but also affected by the rapid promotion of enterprise digital transformation and the surge in demand for consumer electronic equipment.

In such a context, the only way to find a way out is to seek changes while integrating upstream and downstream resources. To cite a very practical example of our company, in early 2021, a customer from Southeast Asia approached me. The CEO has operated the electricity meter business for more than 10 years, but now he is facing the dilemma of having orders but can not delivery goods. The customer's market covers five countries in Southeast Asia, but the cycle of importing electricity meters from India has exceeded 12 months, which even has the crisis of bankruptcy. In fact, except for chips, most of the devices are produced in China. If a company can manufacture special parts of supporting electric meters, it can quickly integrate all device resources, purchase them in one stop, assemble and test them in China, and export them directly. After communication, the biggest bottleneck is that the delivery of chips produced in United States is as long as 22-88 weeks. After my companys suggestion with replacement china brand chips, the customer finally decided and saved the company with the cooperation of our company in the following points:

first, YTL designed and produced various special parts of electric meters, including shunt,l CT, relay, metal parts, etc., and the initiative from R&D to production is in its own hands.

Second, in 2021, more than 8 million sets of electronic raw devices will be purchased, and YTL's generous payment method to suppliers has obvious procurement advantages. It has signed the lowest price agreements with many companies and has the priority to supply.

Thirdly, YTL provides customers with one-stop services, from R&D to procurement to production, to ensure maximum efficiency and the shortest delivery time.

For any enterprise, crisis and opportunity coexist. When faced with difficulties, only by taking precautions and keeping pace with the times can we continue to create value for customers. With this concept, we have solved similar problems for many customers in the past year. I hope you can make concerted efforts to create a great cause.