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YTL three-phase multi-function MID rail table

With the development of globalization, the market's pursuit of quality is getting higher and higher, and many markets have their own access thresholds, such as the EU market, the MID certification of electric meters has become a stepping stone to enter the EU market. As one of the earliest electric energy meter manufacturers in China to develop overseas markets, YTL is also one of the first companies to enter the EU. It already owns a number of MID-certified electric meters. We are familiar with the changing needs of the EU market in the development, and we are constantly serving the market. Bringing more and more powerful MID meters. From ordinary electric meters with electronic metering functions to meters with communication metering in large demand today, we have always been at the forefront of the market.

AMI Metering Prepaid Three Phase Suspension Energy Meter
AMI Metering Prepaid Three Phase Suspension Energy Meter
After purchasing the power, the user will get a string of 20-digit recharge code and manually enter the correct 20-digit code on the meter keyboard. When inputting, you need to continuously input in one time, and the interval between every two numbers should not exceed 20 seconds, otherwise the previously entered numbers will be automatically cleared.When input incorrect, can modify by, after reconfirmation,press Enter button.If the input is not complete, pressing the input key has no effect.

Among many communication tables, RS485 Modbus communication is the most popular communication table at present, and it has become a general industrial standard. With it, control equipment produced by different manufacturers can be connected into an industrial network for centralized monitoring. At the same time, with the continuous development of industry, industrial electricity consumption continues to increase, and the electricity gap still exists, and multi-rate meters have emerged. The ideal solution for reducing labor intensity and improving management level is to use electronic multi-rate energy meters with time-of-use billing function. YTL keeps up with the demand trend of the market and developed this The three-phase multi-function MID rail watch DTF353F series, a series of different choices, has been unanimously affirmed and praised by the market.

In addition to the attractiveness of the watch itself, which can solve a series of problems in electricity, YTL's long-term quality assurance is also an important reason for new and old customers to choose and trust us.

From R&D to certification to production, our products undergo rigorous testing.
Supported by a technical team of more than 100 people, CANAS-approved laboratories ensure the comprehensiveness and professionalism of internal product testing, specialized MID production lines, and advanced production processes. In the workshop, professional instruments are used to control temperature and humidity to ensure a good production environment. The entire production process is strictly in accordance with MID quality standards and technological processes, OQC inspections during the process, and barcode control of all processes entering the system to ensure that all key nodes of all products are delivered. 100% in place to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality MID products.

For this three-phase multi-function MID meter, I am confident that under the same quality, we will achieve the best price, and under the same price, we will achieve the best quality, the best service, and eliminate the worries of customers.

We will always be committed to providing customers with high-quality power solutions that are cost-effective and in line with market development trends according to market demand, and grow and develop together with customers.