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SCR10U41A single-phase intelligent power sensor module

SCR10U41A single-phase intelligent power sensor module

In today's era of rapid global economic development, the contradiction between power supply and demand for power resources is becoming increasingly acute. Unbalanced use of power and uneven distribution of power resources have become urgent problems that need to be resolved.

With the continuous research on solar energy, the subsequent photovoltaic power generation has been widely used.

In order to distribute the current of the power grid more reasonably and effectively, Yongtailong has developed this module for controlling and measuring the power of the power grid: SCR10U41A is a single-phase intelligent power sensor with RS485 communication (Modbus protocol) module.

This module integrates information collection, real-time monitoring, analysis and prediction, safety alarm, energy consumption monitoring, remote control and other functions. It is small in size and easy to install. It is widely used in photovoltaic power generation metering, battery pack metering, industrial equipment metering, household appliances, etc.

 Product appearance

The main parameters:    

voltage : 0~450V


current : 5 (100) A; 0.25A~100A


Frequency: 50-60Hz


Accuracy class: 1.0


standard: IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21


inpulse constant: 1000imp/kWh


Working temperature: -40~80℃


Function description



Metering: active power, reactive power


Real-time measurement: voltage, current, power (active power, reactive power, apparent power), frequency, power factor, demand, temperature


Instantaneous information: single-cycle current waveform, starting current waveform, harmonics and other electricity consumption information (the maximum current waveform is sampled at 4000 per second.


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