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What should we care for doing Europe Market?

As we all know, the electric energy meter market in Europe has been in a trend of continue growth in recent years. Before the COVID-19, YTL sold a variety of sub-meters, used to monitor its own electricity consumption, rental houses, apartments, student dormitories, shopping malls and so on. What about the latter part of the epidemic? YTL’s most popular electric meter products are divided into two categories, one is still the DIY market, remodeling own home, and monitoring where it is necessary; the other is the popular renew energy market, including solar energy, electric vehicles Charger, etc.


So, what matters did YTL pay attention to when it launched the European market?


  1. Complete certificate

YTL has a series of MID certified products and is the first company in China to develop din rail meters. At the same time, YTL has its own CNAS laboratory, and the calibration accuracy can be internationally recognized.

Environmentally friendly, the product can successfully pass the RoSH certification.


  1. High production through rate

YTL's production through rate can be maintained at an average value of 99.7% throughout the year, the production process is standardized, and the annual output can reach 8,000,000 meters. With fewer employees and more products, this is the factory after adopting automated production lines!

         3.High production through rate
    Our team has a stable structure and rich experience, and has successfully helped many customers win bids and gradually grow into the largest supplier of the local power bureau!
    Professional team


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