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How to choose the best communication method in the IoT?

With the innovation and development of science and technology, now is the era of the Internet, but also the era of the IoT. The following describes the relationship between the two from several aspects.

The Internet refers to the method of connecting computer networks to each other, which can also be called "network interconnection". On this basis, a global Internet covering the whole world is developed and called the Internet. The TCP/IP protocol is a basic protocol commonly used all over the world, and computers all over the world enter the Internet through this protocol. The Internet connects people behind it by linking various devices. For example, we are familiar with mobile phones and computers, and various APPs.

The Internet of Things (abbreviated as IoT) is an information carrier such as the Internet and traditional telecommunications networks that enables all ordinary objects that can perform independent functions to achieve interconnection. The Internet of Things has its own protocol, which is currently not unified. Several camps have been separated. NB-IoT is a low-power technology protocol based on authorized frequency bands. In addition, there are Wi-Fine, LoRa, Zigbee, etc. The IoT communicates and interacts by linking "things" that are things. The communication between things is M2M (man-to-machine).

The core and foundation of the IoT is still the Internet, which is an extension and expansion network based on the Internet. After the Internet satisfies the communication between people, the IoT will satisfy the intercommunication between people and equipment and information systems, and ultimately achieve the goal of interconnection of all things.

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YTL Wi-Fine Device Networking Advantage

  • Large scale class 255 routing enables the collection of thousands of power metering devices simultaneously
  • Fast speed, zero networking time, thousands of single devices are read in a time.
  • Stable communication, the high efficient private protocol (CRC-32 message verification) is adopted to prevent collisions and greatly improve the stability.
  • Low power consumption, the power consumption is very low, enables the battery service life.
  • High securely, adopting different customer ID, global unique number UUID,different network ID and different wireless channel coding. 

Wi-Fine equipment can be used in a variety of scenarios: power metering, photovoltaic power generation monitoring, charging stations, mechanical equipment, smart street light control, smart manhole covers, smart trash cans, etc., can all use Wi-Fine communication methods. In addition to Wi-Fine communication, YongTailong's smart meters also have various communication methods such as LoRa, Zigbee, RF, PLC, NB-IoT, and Wi-Sun.

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