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Communication problems that have to be solved

Driven by the synergy of market demand, technological innovation and public policies, the development of global smart grids has become a trend. According to research and market surveys, we have found that the various communication methods used by the smart grid have some problems in the field operation. We compared the commonly used communication methods in the market and found as following:

1.As for power carrier communication-PLC, its biggest strength is the use of power line communication. There is no need to rewire so that it can save costs and it is easy to install, But the signal will be easily interfered, so the distance and speed of the transmission are limited. Therefore, PLC cannot be widely used in the areas where the power line layout is relatively underdeveloped.

2. RS485 is the most common communication method. The communication signal is relatively stable, but it can only communicate with a single host. Generally it has 32 network nodes, and maximum 256. In addition, wiring is required. For buildings that have been renovated, installation is almost impossible.

3.RF, as one of the commonly used wireless communications, is favored by everyone for its strong penetrability. But the security is weak, easy to be attacked and deciphered.

4.Wifi communication is a wireless local area network communication technology. Using Ethernet communication protocol, the communication distance is usually tens of meters. Because of globally unified standards, any Wi-Fi standard equipment will operate correctly anywhere in the world. But the transmission rate is low, which is only suitable for personal terminals and small-scale network applications.

Now, there is a new type of RF communication.WiFine. First, the transmission distance is long and the coverage is wide: 255 level routing, distributed peer-to-peer network +Lora modulation transmission. It only takes a few seconds to realize the low-power meter reading at 1000 points, without the deployment of relay router, without dead corner coverage, and the success rate of the whole network set reading is 100%. Second, fast networking and strong adaptive ability. Moreover, the communication is stable, and the efficient private protocol (CRC-32) is adopted, which greatly reduces the message error rate. Use different customer ID, global unique number UUID, different network ID and different wireless channel coding, combined encryption to ensure network security. Finally, meters power consumption is low, less than 0.3uA in sleep mode, and battery life span can be up to 10 years or more.
WiFine combines low cost, large scale, high security, fast speed with low power consumption. If it is applied, it will greatly improve communication reliability and product stability . If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.