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The 1TW EU Solar Pathway for 2030

Recently, the development of renewable energy sources has become an urgent need due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which has led to energy shortages in Europe. European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans has proposed an energy strategy that aims to separate Europe from Russian gas as soon as possible, while protecting citizens from painful and increasing energy price shocks.

“The EU needs to move away from its dependence on Russian gas and oil as soon as possible,by the end of 2022, solar energy will be deployed over 30GW, including 1.5 million new solar rooftops, and by 2030, Europe will be able to achieve 1TW of installed solar power", said SolarPowerEurope's CEO.

Germany is in first place with 59.9GW of installed capacity by 2021. Spain ranks second with 17.9GW total installed capacity. The third place is France with a total installed capacity of 13.2GW. The total installed capacity of the whole EU is currently about 165GW, which is still a huge gap from the target of 1TW.

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In response to the European Commission's proposal and in recognition of the new geopolitical urgency of the renewable energy transition, SolarPower Europe has released a pathway to reach solar TW levels in Europe. The document provides market intelligence, outlines the realistic scope of solar expansion, and sets out four policy requirements to achieve this goal.

1、Multi-roof photovoltaic development

2、Promote utility scale development

3、Pave the way for smart solar and hybrid projects

4、Accelerate the deployment of EU solar PV manufacturing capacity

It is foreseeable that in the next 8 years, green renewable energy will become mainstream and the solar industry will see explosive growth, are you ready?

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